On the New Year’s EVE, “Ucom” company gave to all its subscribers additional services (faster internet, free movies and TV), in case of signing a 1 year contract. The task was to present the offer in the digital, targeting the main focus on the company’s subscribers.


For the campaign we have created a Landing Page and display banners placed on web with the target audience of the brand. Using the IP addresses provided by “Ucom” company , we targeted our banners on existing subscribers.
A user, entering the web, saw a banner with a large gift box labeled “Open your New Year gift.With Mouse over a fulscreen banner was opened on which Ucom company congratulates its customers and thanks for the loyalty to the brand. By clicking on the banner, the user navigates to the Landing Page, where was more information about the campaign. Also, for not depriving the attention of not subscribed users, on the same websites was placed another banner, with the opposite principle. By click on the banner the user directly were moved to the “Ucom” website with the familiar actions.


Through interactivity and audience segmentation by IP addresses, we managed to achieve the high involvement of the target audience, passing the main idea of the action.


Landing Page creation
Banner production
Media planning
Media buying and placement

December 2015

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