The Facebook page for the company had 40.000 followers, however the geographical spread was too wide, with only 4000 followers located in Armenia. Thus, the objective was to localize the follower base and match it to the primary target of the company: Armenia.


We suggested to tie this issue with the upcoming Champion’s League football tournament and came up with the following solution: to create an interactive banner (placed in various websites) where the user was given an opportunity to choose a team and play a short football game. At the end of the game, the user was given an option to go to a dedicated Facebook tab, where the scores of all the users were counted and accumulated. The user was also given a chance to participate in another contest the aim of which was to guess the winner of the finale of the aforementioned tournament with the opportunity to win various gifts.


The overall reach of the page increased to 436.649 during the period of the campaign, and the number of Armenian followers increased by 1000. In a short period almost 3000 people participated in the contest.


Design, Banner production, Media planning, Media buying and placement, SMM

Interactive Banner