Samsung Galaxy S5


A few months after the presentation of a new smartphone Galaxy S5, Samsung Armenia and Orange Armenia launched a joint campaign. Only in Orange stores the price of the smartphone was 24% below the market price with special conditions. For the promotional period a display banner was needed to create, which would represent the main advantages of the campaign, but at the same time, would not overload the audience with information.


It was necessary to create an advertisement that would not only pass the necessary information, but also would motivate internet users who have limited time resources for the participation and so will provide an interesting UX. To avoid the existing standard display banners, we decided to create a Rich Media Banner, which made it possible to link together multiple banner zones. The main banner was showing the market price of Samsung Galaxy S5 and the user was called to reduce it. In the website by clicking on the “reduce the price” a background banner displayed the new price.


As a result, we made an interactive banner that was placed in all digital areas of the company. Counting code was placed on the banner, which subsequently allowed to obtain detailed information about users behavior. Banner has attracted a lot of attention and provided CTR up to 47.47% for the ‘Print’ button.


Design, Banner production, Game Banner production, Media planning, Media buying and placement

August 2014

Alex Textile