Pepsi Valentine


On the eve of Valentine’s Day Pepsi Armenia held an action in which couples are recognized in love in an unusual way. Confessions were shot on video, which is then posted on the Internet. For the action it was necessary to create a game banner and landing page on which each interested person could place the confessions of love.


We have created a Landing Page, display banners placed on targeted websites and began to promote the captured videos. The game banner was a labyrinth on which different sides there was a girl and the boy. It was necessary to turn separate parts of a labyrinth so that enamoured have met. For each of videoclips have been created separate teaser banners which together with a game banner have been placed on the chosen target sites.


Thanks to the interactivity of the site and the banner and best video campaign received a strong reaction. Many news sites have written about banners and videos.Within 20 days of the site was visited by more than 50000 users 2 760 persons admitted in love its second half on site and in the interactive game has played 136 150 times. Each of the three viral videos scored about 100 000 000 views in YouTube.


Landing page creation, Game Banner production, Media planning, Media buying and placement

January – February 2015

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