Pepsi Challenge 2015


At the beginning of 2015 the return of legendary “Pepsi Challenge” marketing campaign was announced by “PepsiCo” company. Compared with the campaign done in 1975, this time “PepsiCo” decided to focus on the community nowadays living in the digital age. During the summertime the ambassadors of Pepsi were challenging young people to be bold, creative and spontaneous with the “Live today” motto.


In cooperation with “Pepsi” team in Armenia 3 projects were chosen: “Can Project Challenge”, “Crowd Selfie Challenge” and “Braking Challenge”. For the success of the campaign and for providing better UX, we completely adapted the international website for the Armenian audience, added many new sections and technical capabilities. The main focus was put on the social media marketing. To increase the virality, in addition to the standard Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons, was created a special application in Facebook through which users could also see “Participate” button.


“Pepsi” classic cans decoration, selfie with friends, decoding of Pepsi refrigerator. More than 9000 participants were involved in the campaign, and by its end we received more than 16000 applications.


Adaptation of the campaign, Design, Website development, Facebook application creation, Banners creation, Media Planning, Media buying and placement

March-September, 2015

Atlantis Tour