InPageVideo Ads

Hi, I am the luckiest from the IP marketing who has the chance to start our blog (It was really funny how we
chose the lucky one)
I am going to speak about InPageVideo Ads.
Nowadays when all sites are full of different types of advertisings especially with display Ads that become
less and less effective due to their visibility, InPageVideo is one of the most successful online video
promotion formats for advertisers and publishers.
 InPageVideo’s advantages are:
1. User friendly – the viewer can choose to watch the video but doesn’t need to (like with pre-roll)
2. The sound is only user initiated (mouse hover)
3.  Self-expanding video player
4.  Reaching the right audience
5.  Very high Click Rate and more impact-full brand encounter
6.  Worldwide demand, Arab Market Oriented
7.  Targeting techniques: Contextual – Audience – Social
8.  Performance
9.  Control of ad engagement, offering an optimal navigation experience
 And the main advantage of InPageVideo Ads is effectiveness because the video ad plays in a large format
(pre-roll) and in the heart of the website content.
P.S. IP Marketing is the first company in Armenia which starts using this type of advertising and I promise to
keep you updated on further developments.