In the end of 2015, as a tradition, ARARAT Museum organized an “Open doors” days. This time, in addition to the main exhibition were also presented unique historical exhibits provided by Erebuni Museum. It was necessary to promote and highlight the event in the web and put a special accent on the Facebook official page.


For online and offline outdoor use was created a single conceptual design for the event promotion. The official Facebook page as well as the special event which was created for the open doors had the same design elements. In addition, we have prepared photos and short videos consisting of 3 parts, which have been designed to present the exhibition items. To involve more people, we have placed banners in Armenian and international websites which had high involvement of Armenian users.


Within two weeks the number of users who have accepted the invitation to the event in Facebook reached 1000. Comparing to the other days, during this campaign the number of new subscribers increase nearly 5 times, and the number of involved users more then 6 time.


Design, SMM, Video creation, Banner production, Media planning, Media buying and placement

March-September, 2015

Pepsi Bear
ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank