ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank


ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK had a new product: ACBA Online, which allowed to do all the needed operations online, without leaving the home. The main advantage of the campaign was time-saving and nature conservation. The company actively called up to keep an environment and to use as less paper as possible, which is produced from wood. It was necessary to create a display banner, which would present the product and gave a message about preserving the nature.


We suggested to create an interactive banner with tree and printer. Each time when the printer printed a paper, the tree will be thinned and, eventually will disappeare. Thus it would be possible to present the size of the harm, caused to the nature during usual everyday actions.


Design, Banner production, Game Banner production, Media planning, Media buying and placement


As a result, we made an interactive banner that was placed in all digital areas of the company. Counting code was placed on the banner, which subsequently allowed to obtain detailed information about users behavior. Banner has attracted a lot of attention and provided CTR up to 47.47% for the ‘Print’ button.

August 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4